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The Staff

Executive Offices

Robert P. Caruso
Executive Director

Brian D. Jacisin‚Äč
Director for Investigations

Joyce Tomasko
Executive Secretary

Office Of Chief Counsel

Robin M. Hittie
Chief Counsel

Martin Harter
Senior Assistant Counsel

Esther Estelle
Legal Assistant


Leticia Powell
Administrative Officer

Sean M. Firestine
IT Manager/Computer Forensics

Stanley G. Weaver
Administrative Support

Jessica Wenger
Statement of Financial Interests


Enforcement Counsel

Jeffery S. Frankenburger
Assistant Counsel

Heather Mulhollan
Secretarial Support

Central Regional Office

Daniel M. Bender
Senior Special Investigator

Gregory Curran
Senior Special Investigator

Jonathan Fry
Special Investigator

Pittsburgh Regional Office

Jason P. Bricker
Supervising Special Investigator

Daniel P. Cali
Special Investigator

Cindy Hershberger
Secretarial Support