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For forms due in 2024 for calendar year 2023​, all public officials required to file with the State Ethics Commission have the option to file this form utilizing either the paper format or electronically via the Commission’s Web SFI.

In order to function properly, this form requires Internet Explorer 9 and above, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox.



If you are a current Commonwealth of Pennsylvania employee under the Governor’s jurisdiction, please file your form on the Office of Administration’s website to be in compliance with a possible Code of Conduct requirement. Here is the link to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s online financial disclosure filing website:


At the present time, filing electronically is available only to state level public officials and public employees who are required by provisions of the State Ethics Act to file with the State Ethics Commission. Any filings made by other public officials/public employees will be considered voluntary. All filers will still need to submit a paper version and/or a copy of their electronically filed form to all required filing locations other than the State Ethics Commission.