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Powers & Duties

  • Rendering advisory opinions to present or former public officials and public employees, or their appointing authorities or employers, regarding such individuals' duties and responsibilities under the Ethics Act.

  • Prescribing Statement of Financial Interests forms for filing; accepting and reviewing statements of persons required to file; and inspecting such statements to ascertain whether any reporting person has failed to file such statement or has filed a deficient statement. 

  • Accepting and filing information voluntarily supplied that exceeds the requirements of the law. 

  • Preserving statements and reports filed with the Commission for a period of five years, maintaining a master index of statements filed with the Commission, and making statements available for public inspection and copying. 

  • Instructing other state and local agencies in the maintenance of systems which facilitate public access to such statements. 

  • Investigating alleged violations of the Ethics Act; holding hearings, taking testimony, issuing subpoenas, and compelling the attendance of witnesses; and issuing decisions in relation to investigations. 

  • Preparing and publishing an annual report, special reports, educational materials, and technical studies to further the purposes of the Ethics Act. 

  • Prescribing rules and regulations to implement the provisions of the Ethics Act. 

  • Holding at least two public hearings each year to seek input from persons and organizations which represent individuals subject to the Ethics Act and from other interested parties.