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Instructions, Policies and Procedures of the Commission Relating to the Right to Know Law

Submission of requests for access:  

Written requests for access to public records of the Commission shall be submitted by using the Standard Right-to-Know Law Request Form developed by the Office of Open Records. Requests for access to records of the Commission must sufficiently identify or describe the requested records so as to enable a determination of whether they are public record. Requests shall be submitted to the Commission’s Open Records Officer:

Mary W. Fox, Executive Director 
State Ethics Commission 
Finance Building 
613 North Street, Room 309 
Harrisburg, PA 17120-0400
Telephone: (717) 783-1610 or 1-800-932-0936 
FAX: (717) 787-0806 

You can file a Right-to-Know request in four ways:

    • Email
    • Fax
    • U.S. Mail
    • In Person

No matter how you submit the request, be sure to address it to the Open Records Officer.

Filing a request is always free, but the Commission may require the payment of certain fees as established by the Office of Open Records. The fee schedule can be found on the Office of Open Records website. Prepayment of the fees may be required at the discretion of the Executive Director if such fees are expected to exceed $100.

For additional information on how to file a request, please visit the
Office of Open Records website.