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Robert P. Caruso 
Robert P. Caruso

Robert P. Caruso serves as the Executive Director of the State Ethics Commission, and is the longest tenured Commission employee, having been continuously employed by the Commission since August 1982.  Prior to his current position of Executive Director, Mr. Caruso held a variety of positions with the Commission including Special Investigator, Director of Investigations, Deputy Executive Director and most recently Executive Director since 2013. 

Mr. Caruso possesses a Bachelor of Science Degree in Law Enforcement from Pennsylvania State University and a Master of Arts in Criminal Justice from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  He maintains numerous certifications in the areas of interviewing and interrogation, financial investigations, and analytical investigative techniques.  He also has been active in the Council on Governmental Ethics Laws, an international group dedicated to improving governmental ethics.

In 2018 Mr. Caruso was named the Outstanding Alumni by Pennsylvania State university Department of Sociology Criminal Justice. Mr. Caruso is also active with the Department of Criminal Justice and Sociology Advisory Board. 

During his extensive career with the State Ethics Commission, Mr. Caruso has reviewed and processed over 15,000 complaints and has participated in, and directed, over 2,000 investigations.  Notable accomplishments include his service as the lead investigator resulting in the first instance of an individual charged under the Ethics Act, culminating in the conviction of Ross Township, Allegheny County, Commissioners for selling votes in return for official action to approve the development of the Ross Park Mall.  Mr. Caruso also led the Commission’s investigation of a high level state employee resulting in a federal conviction for accepting bribes in return for the award of technology grants.  Mr. Caruso also directed the Commission’s investigation of former State Representative Jeffrey Habay which resulted in a criminal conviction which ultimately served as the legal basis for the “Bonusgate” investigations.  Most recently, Mr. Caruso led the Commission’s investigation of high ranking Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board officials, resulting in a criminal arrest and guilty plea.